Our services include but are not limited to:

  • High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel 10-12% P
  • Medium Phosphorus Electroless Nickel 6-10% P
  • BorENide-H(for reduced friction and high slip/non-stick applications). What is BorENide-H?
  • Plating on all forms of steel(including stainless), aluminum, copper and copper alloys and many other substrates
  • Bead blasting for surface improvement and de-burring. Plating over a bead blasted surface yields a pleasing satin appearance.
  • Build-up and selective plating up to 100 microns thickness for worn or mis-machined parts
  • Black Oxide(gun blueing) of steel


Some key features of Electroless Nickel coatings:

  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent hardness – up to 66-70RockwellC
  • Excellent corrosion resistance of the deposit and protection of the substrate
  • Uniform coverage and thickness
  • No post machining required
  • High lubricity

Read more about Electroless Nickel and its various properties.


Parts Salvage $$

You could save thousands on parts salvage! With Electroless Nickel, old and worn parts previously consigned to the scrap bin can be brought back to life and reused, we don’t need to tell you how much this could save your business!


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ECS's Philosophy

We follow closely our self-imposed protocol of IQPS – an abbreviation for Innovation, Quality, Performance and Service.

Innovation – ECS understands that the most successful companies pursue a policy of innovation. We operate a comprehensive research and development program with a focus on composite coatings, lead-free RoHS compliant EN deposits and ensuring cleaner production throughout our entire plant.

Quality – from a clean, organised and well maintained plant to pretreatment and EN solutions always operated at optimum parameters, our customers are assured of the highest quality coatings and plated work.

Performance –  our recommendations on the type of EN coating and thickness together with considerations for racking and specific preplate procedures ensures the highest performance expectation for the plated parts.

Service – together with  friendly service, free comprehensive technical advice and a very timely turnaround on plating, we strive to meet every customer’s satisfaction. We are also able to assist in the design of components where Electroless Nickel is the specified coating. In a sense, we are “With you, right to the finish”!